Pinless Conference Calling

Simple, easy access to your conference call.

Imagine a world where you never have to enter a pesky pin before your conference calls ever again. All of Branded Bridge Line’s plans include a dedicated line. Aside from allowing you to save a single phone number to your address book, one of the biggest advantages of dedicated lines is a conference call with no pin. Totally pinless conference calling is a reality with every single Branded Bridge Line conference calling plan.

pinless conference calling
conference call no pin

Secure Pinless Conference Calling on Your Terms

While no pin conference calls are more convenient, sometimes an access code is necessary for security reasons. Branded Bridge Line’s intelligent conference call management interface allows you to turn on the access code requirement whenever you need it (and then turn it right back off again when you don’t). With Branded Bridge Line you get secure pinless conference calling on your terms every time.

Eliminate wasted time looking for an access code!


How Does Pinless Conference Calling Work?

One of the main differences between Branded Bridge Line and other conference call service providers is the fact that we offer totally pinless conference calling on each of our plans. You may be asking yourself, “how can Branded Bridge Line offer a premium service like no access code conference calls as standard when all the other providers can’t?” It’s all about dedicated lines.  

Dedicated lines also offer the opportunity to have a conference line number in any area code and 50 different countries worldwide. Looking to impress clients with New York City’s famous 212 area code? Secure one with Branded Bridge Line. Want to make it easy for international clients and customers to join conference calls? Provide them with a local number from Branded Bridge Line. 

We have built our service around a simple principle: Conference calling should be easy (meetings are already hard enough). By offering a unique phone number and line with every one of our plans, we’ve reduced the number of steps it takes to join a conference call down to one: dial the number.  

no pin conference calls