A More Secure Conference Call Solution

Protects your business.

As we spend more and more of our lives on the internet, it seems like a new, devastating data breach gets announced every month. It’s time to switch to a more secure conference call solution to protect your company and its private data.  

With secure audio conferencing from Branded Bridge Line, we ensure that your conference calls and data are secured using top industry standards. Our dedicated conference lines are provided solely by Tier 1 Carriers, all communication is secured using strong SSL (meeting the extended validation certificate standard) and we offer advanced call management features to keep every call private and secure. 

Some free and less secure conference call providers share lines and phone numbers, leaving conference calls open to malicious activity. By offering unique dedicated lines and individual phone numbers at no extra charge, we ensure your conferences never get interrupted by unwanted callers.

Secure Conference Call
Secure Conference Call

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Require Access PINs for Totally Private Conference Calls

We’re committed to providing a secure conference call experience for every single Branded Bridge Line user. We provide a dedicated line for every conference call, which removes the necessity for dial-in access PINs. But, if you prefer an extra level of security, every call comes with the ability to enable access PINs at both the caller and moderator levels.  

Our secure conference call service also lets you have different PINs and PIN configurations for each of your conference lines. And thanks to our streamlined call management interface, you can easily change the PIN for each of your lines as frequently as you’d like. 

Peace of mind with a secure conference call


Dedicated Lines for Secure Audio Conferencing

By including dedicated lines with each of our conferencing plans, we can provide all of our users with a more secure conference call experience. Dedicated lines are unique to individual companies, so lines are never shared between accounts.  

 In addition to being more secure than shared lines, dedicated conferencing also provides quick dial-in access to conference calls and allows for branded greetings and marketing messages. Each of our secure conference call plans include dedicated lines at no extra cost.

Secure Audio Conferencing
Secure Conference Call Service

Take Secure Audio Conferencing to the Next Level with Call Lock

Every so often you might need to conduct a conference call that requires the utmost level of security. While other conference call providers stop at access PINs, at Branded Bridge Line we take security one step further. 

With Call Lock you can easily identify exactly who has joined a secure conference call, easily boot unwanted callers and even lock out additional callers from joining – thereby ensuring you know exactly who’s on the line at any given moment.  

Accessing Call Lock with an active conference call is simple: 

  • Login to your dashboard 
  • Locate the conference line you need to manage or lock 
  • Click the Call Lock icon to prevent additional callers from joining the call 
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