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Large Calls Are A Small Feat For Branded Bridge Line’s Conference Calling

broadcasting conference calls

Whether you’re conducting a company-wide meeting or presenting to 1000+ callers, when you are broadcasting conference calls for large meetings it’s vital that you choose a reliable conference solution. 

The last thing you want when you’re broadcasting conference calls to a huge number of people is to experience technical difficulties. It’s hard enough to schedule a time that works for larger conference calls – imagine having to reschedule a meeting that large because you skimped on phone conferencing software? 

Branded Bridge Line has years of experience providing business conference call solutions for meetings with anywhere from 100, 500, to even tens of thousands of participants. We can help you prepare for a large group call in addition to reliably bringing an unlimited number of callers together onto a single conference.

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How to Conduct Better Conferencing Calls

better conferencing calls

Everyone in the office knows that conference calls can be tedious at best. But, however tedious they might be, they are an undeniable part of most offices’ productivity workflows. 

Tedious or not, conference calls are still the most effective way to conduct meetings when everyone can’t be in the same room together. So, how can you and your team start having better conferencing calls? Just because they get a bad rap, doesn’t mean they have to be a waste of time! Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to bring better conference calling to your team as soon as today. 

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How to Create a Conference Call Agenda

conference call agenda

Anyone who’s led a meeting before knows the power of a good agenda. If you have a well thought out agenda going into a meeting, you’re likely to waste less time, make more decisions, and come out of the meeting with clearer action items. The same is true of a conference call agenda. After all, conference calls are just meetings! If you would already make an agenda for a meeting, then why aren’t you making agendas for your conference calls? In this post, we’ll cover how to make a really effective agenda for phone conferencing, so that you’re more likely to: 

  • Keep phone conference meetings on track 
  • Set clear expectations for contributors and participants 
  • Waste less time 
  • Feel more prepared and confident 
  • And leave the meeting with better, clearer action items for the whole team 
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Small, Mid, Or Large? Meet The Conference Calling Service That Can Be Customized To Your Industry Needs

conference call services for small business

Are you looking for the perfect conference call services for your small business? Maybe a conferencing service provider that can grow with your company? Turns out there are tons of super-affordable and even free conference call services for a business of any size. 

Whether you have a small, medium, or enterprise-level business, Branded Bridge Line has the features and support that will be the perfect fit for your company and your phone conferencing needs.  

Even with the increasing prevalence of email, social media, and text messaging in business communications, conference calls are still the most effective and efficient way to conduct most meetings. Whether you want to take the pressure off scheduling an in-person meeting for a local team, you need to conduct a meeting with geographically distributed employees, or you need to host a completely secure conference call, you’ll need all the perfect conference call services for a small business like yours.  

Branded Bridge Line is like the Goldilocks of conference calling – it’s a perfect fit no matter your company’s size. From small to huge, every company can reap the benefits of Branded Bridge Line’s conference calling plans and features.  

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How to Develop Your Brand’s “Sound” Through Conference Calling

branded conference line

First impressions are everything. And any branding expert will tell you that every interaction you have with clients and potential clients is an opportunity to reinforce your brand. You’ve taken the time to develop fully fleshed out branding materials (logo, website, office decor, etc), you shouldn’t leave out your conference calls! 

We often think of conference calling as a tedious requirement to doing business, but it can be so much more! With the right preparation, follow-through and conferencing service, you can extend your brand all the way through to your conferencing. When trying to land potential clients, a branded conference line could just be the tipping point.

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Conference Call Humor That Everyone In The Office Can Relate To

conference call humor

Life in the office can get… tedious. When you work in the same office, with the same people, and sometimes even at the exact same desk for years, you’ve got to find ways to make things interesting. Enter: conference call humor. 

TV characters are allowed to take pranks to the next level but in most offices we have to find less painful and less distracting ways to have fun while working. And what better place to start than (what seems like the bane of everyone’s existence) the “dreaded” phone conference. Do you know any good conference call jokes? 

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How to Properly Lead a Conference Call

how to lead a conference call

If you’ve been tasked with conducting a phone meeting, it can be intimidating especially if you don’t know how to lead a conference call. There are a lot of moving parts and depending on the circumstances, a lot might be riding on the success of the call.  

But don’t worry. Learning how to lead a conference call is fairly straightforward. We’ve put together a list of the essentials that will help you properly lead a phone conference without missing a beat. Plus, Branded Bridge Line’s phone conferencing service is a powerful tool that can help you lead conference calls like a pro.

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What To Look For In An International Conference Call Provider

International Conference Call

With the advent of the internet and the prevalence of social media, more and more companies are finding it easier and easier to conduct their businesses internationally. International markets are literally a click or a tap away now, and depending on your industry you might already be doing business in countries across the globe. 

While conducting international business might open your company up to untapped markets and profits, it also carries with it certain complications. Not the least of which is communication. Beyond language barriers, how do you break through the initial logistics of simply connecting with your clients and colleagues in various countries around the world? 

Email can be an effective mode of communication for simple and straightforward communication, but the day-to-day of running an international business requires regular, larger meetings. And since airfare doesn’t seem to be getting any cheaper, face-to-face meetings are typically out of the question (not to mention all the time lost in travel).  

This is where international conference calling comes into play. As any business knows, conference calls are still the most effective and efficient way to conduct meetings where more than one attendee is remote. And while lots of phone conferencing services provide international calling in some form or another, there are certain features to look for in an international conference call provider that will make your experience with international conferencing that much better. 

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Before You Buy: Must-Have Conference Call Features

Conference call features

With all of the conference call providers on the market today, it can be a tough choice picking which one is actually going to be right for you and your company. Everyone has different needs. And when it comes to conference call providers, even though they all offer the same basic service, there are some features that differentiate others from the pack. 

Conference calls are still the preferred and most effective way to conduct remote meetings across industries. No matter what kind of business you run, and no matter how big or how small it is, it’s almost certain that you have some need for conference calling.  

But which features are you actually going to use? We take a look at some of the most important conference call features to help you choose which provider is going to be right for you. 

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