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  1. How does Branded Bridge Line Work?

    Branded Bride Line was developed to make conference calls professional and efficient. The service is simple to set up and easy to access:
    1. Go to
    2. Click signup
    3. Enter your account information and pick a plan
    4. Select your own personal conference call phone number. Conference Lines are provisioned instantly.
    5. Click the "Settings" tab and enter your welcome text. Our professional voice talent will create your greeting in 24 hours and apply it to your phone number.
    Use it:
    1. Send your conference call phone number to call participants when you set up your meeting
    2. When it's time for your meeting, dial the number and you're off. No access codes necessary!

  2. What is a dedicated conference line?

    A dedicated line is a phone number that you own. You will send the phone number to call participants. Participants will dial the number to join the call and will not need to enter an access code. The lack of access codes makes it fast and easy to join calls from the road.

    If a plan offers multiple lines, you will have a different phone number for each line. You can choose each phone number and configure distinct settings for each line through the web interface. All minutes associated with your plan are shared among the dedicated lines in your plan. If you purchase a plan with multiple dedicated lines, you are not obligated to set them all up, each account requires just one line activated. You can activate additional lines whenever it's needed, up to the plan limit.

  3. How is my monthly minute usage calculated?

    The number of minutes used each month is calculated by adding up the total minutes each participant was on a call. If the plan has multiple dedicated lines, the usage adds the minutes for all participants on all calls for all lines. For example:

    Line 1:
    Call 1: 30 minutes x 3 participants = 90 minutes
    Call 2: 60 minutes x 4 participants = 240 minutes

    Line 2:
    Call 1: 60 minutes x 3 participants = 180 minutes
    Call 2: 60 minutes x 5 participants = 300 minutes
    Call 3: 15 minutes x 4 participants = 60 minutes
    Total: 870 minutes

  4. How do I know how many minutes I have used on my plan?

    Log on to your account at Your usage is shown in the top right-hand corner of the window under your name.

  5. How do I change my greeting or welcome message?

    Log on to your account at and click the "Settings" tab at the top of your window. Your greeting can be changed under the Welcome Text Options. There are 3 options:
    Robo Voice: A computer generated voice will announce each call using the text entered in the "Welcome Text" box. You can also choose the gender of the voice in the "Robo Voice" drop down.
    Recorded MP3: You can upload an MP3 recording of your greeting which will play for each participant prior allowing them to join the conference call.
    Get a Professional Recording: Choosing this will allow you to type a message in the "Welcome Text" box and have it recorded by one of our professional voice talent specialists. It generally takes 48 to 72 hours for the new greeting to be posted to your conference line. You are entitled to 2 free voice recordings. After the second recording, a $10 fee will be applied to subsequent changes.

  6. Can I set up my conference line to wait for the moderator rather than letting everyone on the conference prior to the moderator's arrival?

    Yes, just log on to your account at and click the "Settings" tab at the top of your window. You will notice a check box in the "Other Settings" section that when checked, will cause all participants to be placed on hold until the moderator joins the call.

  7. Can I have multiple numbers in different countries that all connect to the same conference?

    Sure, with plans that support multiple numbers (Basic and Pro), you can add remote "inlets" to your conferences. This allows you to bridge two or more numbers (and they can be all over the world.) For example, if you have a team in London and a team in Chicago, you can get a UK / US bridged conference line to connect them, making it a local call for each remote team

  8. How do I upgrade my plan? How do I downgrade my plan?

    Log on to your account at Click "Change My Plan" in the top right-hand corner of the window under your name. You can then select your desired plan. Note that all minutes used in that billing cycle will be charged at the new rate.

  9. How do I cancel my plan?

    Log on to your account at Click "Change My Plan" in the top right-hand corner of the window under your name and you'll see a cancel button below the plan you are currently subscribed to.

  10. How do I report a problem or get help from customer support?

    Email all problems and questions to A customer support representative will get back to you within 8 hours of your email.

  11. How do I know who is on my conference call before I dial in?

    Log on to your account at This will take you to your call dashboard. You will see a list of present and past calls. By clicking on the call that is currently in progress, you can see who has already dialed in.

  12. How do I submit a feature request?

    Email your feature requests to Customer-requested features will take priority over other general development and we will try to get them in as soon as we can.

  13. Do you offer a partner program?

    Yes, if you are a business and would like to create an offer for Branded Bridge Line subscribers, email us at

  14. Do you offer an affiliate marketing program?

    Yes, if you are a business that would like to offer Branded Bridge Line service to your customers, email us at and we'll tell you about the great deals we have to offer you.

  15. Do you offer a benefit for referring a friend?

    Yes, email us at and we'll give you your own personal promo code to hand out to your friends. With that code, your friend will receive 30 days free service and you will get 30 days of free service credited to your account.

  16. Can I do a free trial, then cancel and do another one?

    We make Branded Bridge Line affordable so you don't need to do any shady maneuvering to have a conference line.

  17. Can I get a toll free number?

    Toll free numbers are not currently available, but will be introduced very soon.

  18. Is this cloud based?

    Much of our infrastructure is indeed cloud based, allowing you to scale up to a huge number of concurrent connections on demand. We love cloud services here at BBL!

  19. Is this appropriate for a small business?

    It's a silly question, really, but we've been asked it a few times, so it belongs here. We're a perfect fit for a small business looking for a conference line service that doesn't sound "small". Learn more on our conferencing for small business page.

  20. Are there still special deals for Rondee users?

    Yes. rondee conference line coupon

  21. We're a law firm. Do you understand our needs?

    Law firms are our biggest clients. This wasn't any intentional marketing effort, but we've just naturally attracted law firms. Or perhaps it's that law groups find the feature set lines up well with their needs.

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