In Short:

A dedicated conference line is a phone number that you own. You will not share the line with other companies would have you do. You will send the phone number to call participants. Participants will dial the number to join the call and will not need to enter an access code. The lack of access codes makes it fast and easy to join calls from the road.

If a plan offers multiple lines, you will have a different phone number for each line. You can choose each phone number and configure distinct settings for each line through the web interface. All minutes associated with your plan are shared among the dedicated lines in your plan. If you purchase a plan with multiple dedicated lines, you are not obligated to set them all up, each account requires just one line activated. You can activate additional lines whenever it’s needed, up to the plan limit.

We offer toll free numbers, but not as the primary dedicated line, to keep your costs down.  So for toll free you simply add 4.3/c per minute  for the caller who dialed in using that number.  This works out great for VIP.

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