212 new york audio conference calling

Does your conference bridge’s area code matter?

Of course! Just imagine if you’re a Wall Street hedge fund firm sending out a conference call number that is a a San Diego area code.. Trust us, we know from experience, this leads to questions, and even “red flags”. If you’re in Manhattan, you need a 212 area code for your teleconferences.
Sure, 646 and 917 are the “new” area codes for the big apple, but nothing states “stable” like a 212 number, particularly when your colleagues and clients realize that it’s your number. Branded Bridge Line offers 212 phone numbers to compliment our premium teleconferencing features. Image is important for businesses and your image is projected in all of your customer interactions, including businesses services. We are one of the few teleconferencing services that make 212 phone numbers available. To obtain a 212 number, sign up and enter “212” as the area code for your bridge.