A Seamless International Conference Call Solution

The field of international conference call providers is a crowded one, but none offer an international conference call solution as easy-to-implement and transparent as Branded Bridge Line. 

Our international conference call plans include support for international phone numbers in more than 80 different countries at no extra charge – allowing you to bring global teams together onto a single international dial in. 

Plus, our widespread international phone number selection lets you offer clients and customers local numbers, saving them money on international toll fees. No matter where you do business, Branded Bridge Line makes getting on the phone simple and affordable.

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Whose brand is on your conference calls?

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Free Conference Call International Numbers

No matter where your teams, clients or customers are based globally, Branded Bridge Line can provide local numbers that tie together into a single international conference call. Your New York and Sydney offices can conference with a UK client – New York calls a New York number, Sydney a Sydney number, and (you guessed it) your UK client calls a UK number – all without paying a single international toll fee.  

Plus, each international number you select for your account is a dedicated number. Unlike other international conference call providers, Branded Bridge Line dedicates individual phone numbers to individual accounts, regardless of region.  

Say goodbye to scrambling to find the updated conference line number and PIN. Once you select an international dial in number, you can save it to your address book and print it on business cards. It’s yours to keep.

Eliminate costs for your customers with an international dial-in.


A Professional International Conference Call Experience

Every international conference call we conduct comes feature-packed with every one of Branded Bridge Line’s standard professional conference call services. Treat your international callers to a professionally recorded greeting or customizable marketing message, PIN-free dial in access, and crystal clear, high-fidelity audio quality.  

Customers and clients, both domestically and internationally, deserve an international conference call experience that’s as professional as your company – which is exactly the kind of conference call service we pride ourselves in providing to each and every one of our customers.

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Intuitive and Secure International Conference Calling

Branded Bridge Line provides the same high level of call quality and conferencing features no matter where you are in the world. We stand behind every single international conference call that we conduct, ensuring the calls are easy to manage and totally secure. 

Our intuitive conference call management interface makes it easy to manage callers and call recordings. Plus, every call is secured with cutting-edge digital conferencing security protocols to ensure that only you, and any intended employees or conference partners, will ever have access to your calls.