Next Level Conferencing: The Toll-Free Conference Call

Even in an age of internet Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls and cell phones, the toll-free conference call remains the touchstone of professionalism when interacting with current and potential clients. Toll-free conference calling from Branded Bridge Line provides completely toll-free call-ins for anyone anywhere in the United States and Canada and more than 80 countries worldwide. Enjoy free bridge conference calls anytime, anywhere. Offering your clients a toll-free conference call number is a legitimate value add for your business and Branded Bridge Line has two options to do it.
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Whose brand is featured on your conference calls?

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Option 1: Choose a Toll-Free Conference Call Package

If you already use toll-free conferencing or you think that it might be important for your business, choosing a dedicated toll-free conference call package is the best and most cost-effective option. Each toll-free bridge conference call plan includes one or more toll-free numbers and is designed exclusively for free bridge conference calls. Our most popular toll-free plan by far is the Toll-Free Unlimited tier, offering one toll-free line and an unlimited number of minutes.  

With pricing plans for small to large toll-free applications, take a look at the full toll-free package option breakdown below:

Plan Monthly Cost Minutes Included Overage Per Min Lines Included Callers
Toll-Free Unlimited $49.99 Unlimited 0 1 15
Starter Toll-Free $27.99 500 4.9¢ 1 250
Enterprise Toll-Free $199.99 5,000 4.4¢ 5 350
Growth Toll-Free $629.99 15,000 4.2¢ 15 1,000
Toll-Free Unlimited
Monthly Cost:           $49.99 Monthly Minutes:    Unlimited
Overage/Minute:      0
Lines Included:            1
Caller Limit:                  15
Starter Toll-Free
Monthly Cost:           $24.99 Monthly Minutes:    500
Overage/Minute:      4.9¢
Lines Included:            1
Caller Limit:                  250

Enterprise Toll-Free

Monthly Cost:           $199.99
Monthly Minutes:    5,000
Overage/Minute:      4.4¢
Lines Included:            5
Caller Limit:                  350

Growth Toll-Free

Monthly Cost:           $629.99
Monthly Minutes:    15,000
Overage/Minute:      4.2¢
Lines Included:            15
Caller Limit:                  1,000

Let your brand shine with toll-free conference calls!


Option 2: Pay-as-You-Go Toll-Free Conference Calls

Not sure if your company needs a regular toll-free conference call option? With Branded Bridge Line it’s easy to add a toll-free line to any plan at any time. All of our standard plans come with the option to add toll-free conference calling for $10 per month and just 4.3 cents per minute. 

It’s the perfect way to try out our toll-free bridge line conference call services without committing to a long-term plan. Plus, you can combine your standard conference number with a toll-free line to save on cost. Clients can join the conference call via the toll-free number while internal staff dial in using your regular conference line.

toll free conference calling
toll free conference call services

Set Up a Toll-Free Bridge Conference Call in Minutes

Setting up a toll-free conference call with Branded Bridge Line couldn’t be simpler. Whether you are trying it out for the first time or need to pull out all the stops to snag a new client, initiating your first free bridge conference call is easy. 

Here are the steps on how to set up a toll-free conference call: 

  • Click “Add a number” from your dashboard 
  • Click the toll-free link 
  • Select your toll-free conference call number 
And that’s it! You’re ready to host your first toll-free bridge line conference call. 
Every toll-free conference call is packed with all the useful features that come standard with your existing subscription plan. Branded Bridge Line toll-free conference calling includes standard call recording, professionally recorded greetings, outbound calling and PIN-free dialing. Plus, your toll-free minutes never count against the minutes you already pay for with your existing plan. 

Say Goodbye to Tolls

Save your business and your clients money with toll-free audio conferencing. It’s the professional thing to do. Try it for free today – no credit card required.

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