Best Conference Call Service Provider according to FastCoCreate

We're honored that FastCoCreate's Alexis Caffery chose us again as the best conference call service for startups. We were recognized as the most affordable audio conference solution for startups and small businesses.

What it takes to be the best conference call service:

  • Ultra-simple Interface
  • Professional Prompts
  • Free Custom Branded Voiceovers
  • International Included
  • Total Reliability

Our plans are simple and easy to sign up for. We believe conference call access should be easy. No Pins. No tough buying decisions. We promote your brand, never ours. And, we’re the only conference call service including international with every package. And these are just the highlights of why we're the best conference call service out there.

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what does a conference call service with branding look like?

The best conference call service without a doubt, with outstanding support!

- CTR Technologies

Thank you, fantastic service!

- E W Properties South

I love it! I’m 100% a client for life!

- BP Rose, S.A.

I really like the service--makes it so much easier than what I was doing before!

- M.A. Vanella, Vanella Group, Inc

We tried free conference calling. Then we discovered BBL. The audio conferencing service that seems almost too good to be true.

- Texas Camarilla, LP

Branded Bridge Line Features

Your meetings run smoother with our call controls and custom recorded voice prompts. You deserve the best conference call service around.

<a href=/features/pinless-teleconferencing/>No Pins</a>
No Pins

If you want Pins on your conference lines, you can have them, and they're easy to turn on. But you can also monitor your conference call through the dashboard. Going PIN-free is liberating.

<a href=/features/professional-greeting/>Free Pro Voiceover</a>
Free Pro Voiceover

Our top notch voice talent will record a greeting for your conference line. It will sound slick and you may feel like your brand has a new "sound". Your clients will comment, trust us.

<a href=/features/dedicated-lines/>Dedicated Lines</a>
Dedicated Lines

This conference bridge is yours, and only yours. Print it on your business card, your company phone directory. It's a part of your brand, and we'll make sure it's always ready for you.

<a href=/features/audio-conferencing-from-your-browser/>Join from Browser</a>
Join from Browser

No need to use an old school phone if you don't want to! Connect to your conference call from the browser and use your headset or computer mic and speakers.

Get your Conference Bridge

Packages are billed monthly, and minutes are counted for each caller. Use our handy conference call calculator to help determine the right package for your needs.

Free Trial


1 Number

Pro Voiceover

500 minutes

for 30 days



1 Number

Pro Voiceover

500 minutes

then 2.9¢/minute



2 Numbers

Pro Voiceover

1000 minutes

then 2.7¢/minute



5 Numbers

Pro Voiceover

5000 minutes

then 2.3¢/minute



10 Numbers

Pro Voiceover

10k minutes

then 2.2¢/minute



20 Numbers

Pro Voiceover

100k minutes

then 1.9¢/minute



50 Numbers

Pro Voiceover

250k minutes

then 1.7¢/minute

International Conference Calling

Treat your international clients like you appreciate them-- give them a toll-free access to your meeting from their home country! Bring your international business relationships closer with the same call quality and reliability of our domestic service with Branded Bridge Line.

Our conference bridge service gives you and your clients toll-free access to your international conference call from over 50 countries around the world. All of this is standard in the plan you choose.
Remote teams can connect and international clients can feel close. We have local numbers in most countries in Europe, South America, Australia, and many Asian countries. Learn on our International Conference Call Services page.
Having the convenience of international dial in numbers doesn't come at a cost to your brand. Provide language specific greetings to your international callers and let your brand shine in any continent.
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We provide professional conference calling services to small, medium and large organizations. Our branded audio conference features and dedicated lines are perfect for business professional everywhere.

Small Business
conference call interconnections with mobile phones
Medium-Sized Business
many mobile phones interconnected in a conference call
Large Corporations
Or you can select one of these industries:

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