conference calling for non-profits

Conference Calls for Non-profits

Non-profit organizations are finding that using professional conference call services is increasing their standing with benefactors and improving the way they do business. Branded Bridge Line offers conference call services for non-profits with all of the same professional features, but at a discount. We understand the need to conduct business professionally, while also managing costs. Whether you’re calling donors or organizing community events, your conference call service is an important communication tool.

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Key Conferencing Features for Non-profits

The service is full of advanced features for simplifying your conference call experience and making your calls more efficient. Among them, these will be particularly helpful for non-profits:

  • Custom Greeting: Customized welcome message for your organization
  • Round Up: Dial late attendees, eliminating wasted time waiting for them to join
  • Call Recordings: Create an audio record of your meetings to include in your notes
  • Lecture Mode: For large calls keep the room quiet in lecture mode

Churches and Tele-sermons

With features designed to make large group meetings efficient and easy, our service is ideal for tele-sermons and other church related discussion groups. First, understand the 8 tools you’ll need to conduct an effective tele-sermon and then take a look at the services we provide to support your telephone sermons.

It's Branded!

Conference call services for non-profits need to be bold and leave an impression. We will help you by recording a free greeting for your conference line in our studio using professional voice talent that will welcome your callers to a line that mentions your organization, never ours. It also gives you the opportunity to present a short marketing message or just give your participants the peace of mind that they have joined the right call. Distinguish your organization from others who rely on free conference call services.

It's Affordable!

At Branded Bridge Line, we value hard working non-profit organizations providing needed products and services. We have a variety of plans to fit the needs of your organization. Contact us for our special non-profit pricing.

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Put Your Brand Front and Center with Branded Phone Conference Services

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