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Branded Phone Conferencing

When it comes to securing new clients and retaining existing ones, the importance of brand repetition can’t be overstated. Make a strong impression at every client touchpoint with a brand-forward phone conference strategy.

Make a Strong Impression with Custom Conference Greetings

First impressions matter. That’s why custom branded phone conference services are included for free with each of our conference call plans. Professional voice talent is also included to help you build client trust and reinforce your brand. 

Most conference call services offer generic, pre-recorded, and even robo-call conference greetings. We believe this is a huge branding opportunity and stone left unturned. 

Make a strong first (second, third, fourth) impression with professionally recorded, custom-branded phone conferencing from Branded Bridge Line.

Whose brand is featured on your conference calls?

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Conferencing that Puts Your Brand First

Brand identity is vital to a business’ success. It took hard work to develop yours, and we believe you should show it off at every possible moment. There’s no substitute for brand recognition when it comes to influencing a consumer’s buying decision, and the same thing goes for your clients. 

Your company and your brand are the first thing that anyone joining your conference call should encounter. That’s why we offer custom phone conference greeting options with each of our conference call plans – all included within the price of the plan itself.

Our professionally branded phone conference call services allow you to seamlessly inject your brand’s identity into every single conference call and increase client trust. 

Make a strong impression at every client touchpoint with a custom branded conference greeting.


What it takes to create the perfect conference call greeting

Personalize Your Custom Conference Greetings

We employ an experienced team of voice actors to help you record the perfect branded conference call greeting. Our branded phone conference call services are designed to help you professionally and expertly showcase your brand with every call.  

There’s no substitute for professionalism. At Branded Bridge Line this unique and high value service ensures that even your phone conferencing comes across at the highest professional level.  

Since every branded phone conferencing greeting is custom-recorded, you have the opportunity to present clients and callers with a short marketing message or just provide the peace of mind that they’re on the right call. 

Want proof of the difference that a custom conference greeting can make? Here are some samples of professionally recorded messages that showcase how to put your brand front and center.

Sample Greeting

Take your phone conferencing to the next level with custom, professionally recorded greetings that will distinguish your business and brand from competitors using free phone conference call services.

custom conference greeting
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Promote Your Brand – Not Your Phone Conference Service Provider

It sounds counterintuitive, but we couldn’t care less about our brand. That’s why you’ll never hear “Branded Bridge Line” mentioned in a single greeting or phone conference we provide. 

Free conference call solutions are really good at one thing: and that’s advertising the name of the free conference call solution providing the call. It’s tacky – and a huge missed opportunity for your brand. 

We believe that a superior product should produce superior results. When you choose phone conferencing from Branded Bridge Line, you get a product and telephone conference service that is willing to put your brand first.  

It’s Time to Put Your Brand Front and Center

Because it’s your business, not ours. Impress callers with a customized conference call greeting that speaks to your brand. Start your free trial today. No credit card required.

Branded Conference Call Services

Branded Conference Call FAQ

A branded conference call allows a company to customize the audio greeting with their own messaging or tagline.  It eliminates any audio reference to the conference call provider’s brand, adding a professional touch to the meeting.  Additionally, customer-facing user interfaces can be branded with the company’s logo or other visual assets associated with their brand.

Branded conference calls provide a high quality feel to your meetings and allow you to extend your brand to every aspect of your conference call.

A branded conference call allows companies to extend their brand to the many conference calls they have each week with potential clients.  The polished, branded messaging give callers a sense trust in the brand.  

With the large number conference calls held by companies these days, the repeated mention of a brand helps provide greater brand recognition.

Your branded conference call greeting can be changed as often as you like.  You can either upload your own branded messaging or ask one of our talented voice artists to record a new greeting.  The first greeting we record is free of charge regardless of the plan you choose!

Branded Bridge Line provides a free, professionally recorded branded greeting for every customer, regardless of the plan they are on.  The greeting is recorded by professional voice artists and uploaded to your line at no charge.  You also have the option of uploading your own recorded greeting as often as you like for no charge. 

If you would like us to record additional greetings after the first greeting, there is a $15 charge per greeting.

The first professionally recorded branded greeting is free of charge regardless of the plan you are on.  If you don’t ever need it changed, there are no additional costs.  If you’d like additional greetings recording there is a $15 charge per greeting.

Branded Bridge Line also offers greetings in other languages and accents.  Depending on the language, those greetings are priced separately.

Some competitors offer a branded audio recording for an additional cost.  Branded Bridge Line offers the greeting free of charge!  Branded Bridge Line can also create greetings in most any language or accent needed.

Additionally, unlike our competitors, Branded Bridge Line extends the branding opportunity to any customer-facing user interfaces such as the screen sharing link you can give your callers to follow along during important presentations.