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If you don’t want your conference call costs to vary from month-to-month, unlimited plans are the way to go.  Branded Bridge Line’s unlimited plans allow you to use as many minutes as you’d like for up to 15 callers per call for the same price every month.  Only the first 15 are allowed into the call.

Our unlimited plans come with 1 dedicated dial in line.  However, adding more lines to your account is simple.  Just add additional seats of the unlimited plan and get as many unlimited lines as you need.  See the great features included in our unlimited plans.

Yes!  Branded Bridge Line offers annual conference call plans.  You’ll get a 10% discount off of the annual price when purchasing a plan for a 12 month period.  All of our annual plans offer the same conference call features as our monthly plans.

Sign up for an annual conference call plan:

        Annual Unlimited: 12 months of unlimited conferencing for up to 15 callers.  Price: $17.99/mo

        Annual Professional: 12 months of conferencing with 2 dedicated lines and 1,000 minutes/month.  Price: $22.49/mo

        Annual Enterprise: 12 months of conferencing with 5 dedicated lines and 5,000 minutes/month.  Price: $94.49/mo

        Annual Premier: 12 months of conferencing with 20 dedicated lines and 10,000 minutes/month.  Price: $224.99/mo

Yes, at Branded Bridge Line we offer custom conference call pricing for large events.  We can size your account to accommodate as many callers as you’d like.  In addition to providing world-class scalability, we offer tools to manage large meetings to make them as effective as possible.

For more information on large conference call pricing, set up a meeting with a Branded Bridge Line sales representative or call 888-774-6990!

A free trial at Branded Bridge Line is simple.  Signing up for the trial takes less than 5 minutes and doesn’t require a credit cared.  Once you’ve signed up and selected your dedicated local dial in number, you will have 2 weeks or 500 minutes of free conference calling.  All features will be available during the trial except our dial out capabilities.  

Once you’ve reached the end of the 2-week trial period or reached the 500- minute limit (whichever comes first), your trial will be over.  You can upgrade to a paid plan at any point during or after the trial has ended.  Just simply add a credit card on the Plans and Billing page and pick your plan.  Your dial in number, line settings and recordings all remain intact.  

Yes, Branded Bridge Line is happy to customize conference call plans that fit your needs.  Whether you are a large enterprise that needs 100 lines, hosting thousands of callers or a small company that needs to connect remote employees in 5 different countries, we can create a plan that fits.

If you don’t see a plan that meets your needs or you just generally have questions about our plans, set up a time to talk to a sales representative about our conference call pricing or give us a call at 888-774-9660.

Branded Bridge Line is proud to offer our “Give 30%, Get $25” referral program.  If you refer a new customer to Branded Bridge Line we will give your referral 30% off of their first month, reducing their conference call costs right out of the gate.  We’ll also give you $25 of cash or credit against your service for making the referral.

Our current customers are our best sales people and we’re happy to reward them!

Email support to get your referral code.

Conference call minutes are calculated by adding up the total minutes used by each caller.  For example, if you estimate that you have 4 calls per month for an average length of 1 hour per call and 5 callers, then the number of conference call plan minutes you would need would be:

4 calls x 60 minutes x 5 callers = 1,200 minutes/month

Try our free conference call minute calculator to find the best Branded Bridge Line conference call plans to fit your needs.

A dedicated dial-in conference line is a toll or toll-free phone number that is dedicated to your business, not shared with other businesses.  This is your conference call number.  It will never change as long as you have an account with Branded Bridge Line.  You can put it on your business cards and send it out in meeting invitations.  

When you choose the plan that meets your needs from our list of  conference call plans, you have the option of choosing a plan that provides more than 1 dedicated dial in line.  Plans with multiple lines are better suited for those businesses that either need to have simultaneous meetings or those that need to assign a dedicated line to a specific individual or department within your company.

Your conference line can be a toll number or a toll-free number.  When you select your conference call plan, consider whether you want a toll or toll-free number.  We have plans for each.

Large event conferencing are conference calls that have a large number of callers, typically greater than 20 and often times 100s and even 1000s of callers.  A typical large event may be an earnings call or all-hands meeting.  These types of meetings usually have a small number of speakers and a large number of attendees listening in.

To manage large events, Branded Bridge Line provides a tool suite to:

  • Eliminate noise that can occur with a large number of callers
  • Ensure callers register and are identified when they attend
  • Conduct Q&A sessions after the presentation
In order to get custom conference call pricing for a large event you’re hosting, set up a meeting with a Branded Bridge Line sales representative or call 888-774-6990!

Canceling your Branded Bridge Line conference call plan is easy.  You can cancel at any time, we don’t require contracts. Just log into your account, go to the Plans and Billing page and click “cancel” at the top of that page next to the plan name.  

You can also open the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner of this screen and ask us to cancel your plan there.

Changing your Branded Bridge Line conference call plan is easy.  You can upgrade or downgrade at any time, your service change will be prorated. Just log into your account, go to the Plans and Billing page and click “Select Plan” next to the plan you’d like.  On that page, we show an array of toll and toll-free conference call plans to choose from.  

You can also open the chat bubble in the lower right hand corner of this screen and ask us to change your plan for you.

If you find that you’ve out grown the number of dedicated dial-ins your plan provides, but are still happy with the number of minutes your conference call plan allows, you can easily add new numbers to your plan for an additional $10/number/month.  If you add 5 or more numbers, the cost is $5/number/month.  

To add a new number to your plan, simply log into your account, click “Add a number” on your dashboard and select your number.  

Branded Bridge Line offers toll-free conference call numbers in two ways:

  1. Toll-free Conference Call Plans: We offer an array of toll-free plans.   When you select a toll-free plan, all dedicated dial-ins will be toll-free numbers.
  2. Toll-free A la carte: You can add a toll-free number to your toll plan.  Often times, our customers want a toll number for employees to use, but they prefer to give their clients a toll-free number.  

To start a Branded Bridge Line conference call, just dial your conference number.  The first caller will hear music and the conference will start when the second caller joins.  There is no action required to start a conference- it’s completely “on demand.” If you would not like your callers to be able to communicate prior to your arrival, you can turn on a moderator PIN which means all callers will hear music until the moderator joins.  

Watch this short video for all of the ways to start a conference call.


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