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How to Conduct a Tele-Sermon

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Tele-sermons, more and more, are growing in popularity as a way to share inspiration with people who otherwise might be unreachable due to geographic, health or transportation limitations. Faith-based organizations are using traditional as well as new teleconferencing technologies to conduct their services and extend their reach into their congregations.

Tele-sermon Uses

There are primarily 3 ways faith-based organizations are conducting tele-sermons:

  1. Service Broadcast: This method is used to provide a full experience of the service for remote members of a congregation. During the actual service, a computer running a teleconference app with a microphone is placed near the speaker. Remote members of the congregation dial a phone number and are joined into the service.
  2. Scheduled Calls: This method is used by organizations that don’t offer services at a physical location or by organizations that want to augment their weekly services with daily messages. The organization would publish dates and times along with a phone number for members to call. At the designated time, the organization opens a conference line with special tools to manage large groups and delivers the message.
  3. Record and Playback: This method can be used in conjunction with the previous two described, but requires special teleconferencing features in order to make it work. The speaker will record their message and make it available for members to call in and hear whenever it is convenient for them.

What you Need

In order to conduct successful tele-sermons, you have do a little upfront planning and use the tools that will simplify access for both the speaker and the congregation. Select a conferencing solution that has spent time creating customizations for large group calls and other tele-sermon-specific features rather than using the service you use for your everyday conference calls. Set up the system prior to the sermon and go through a dry run. Finally, make sure you turn on call recordings so your sermon can be reused or made available to your congregation.

Your congregation or prayer group will enjoy access to your inspirational messages.

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