Does a pleasant conference call experience exist?

Does a pleasant conference call experience exist?

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pleasant conference call

Most people think not. We’re here to tell you that it can be, both for the call participant and for the call organizer. We’ve been participating in conference calls for a couple of decades, and have witnessed enough online-meetings gone haywire, or worse, calls that never even begin because people don’t show up on time.

So how do we change the conference bridge experience?

  1. Round up late-comers. If you can’t be on time, you’re going to get a call asking you to join the conference in progress.
  2. See who has joined (on your conference call dashboard)
  3. Get a link to an online recording of the call
  4. Get your own local number
  5. NO PIN NEEDED! If you want to “secure” your call with a pin, we’ll allow you to set that up… but otherwise, we figure out who has joined based on their caller ID and some simple deductive reasoning… It’s not rocket science.
  6. NO PHONE NEEDED! Your meeting attendees will get a link allowing them to join the call right from their computer… or click a link to dial in from their smartphone.
  7. More, More, More!

So stop the conference call madness, please get a branded bridge line today!

Let Us Show You The Difference!

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pleasant conference call