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trusted conference call service

Just because someone ranks in the top 5 listings for a term doesn’t mean they’re trustworthy. We all know trust comes from a variety of means, some more direct and easier to put words to, while others are perhaps too subtle for words. But without question, brand mention carries some trust. We’re proud of the companies that trust us to handle their conference calling needs. We handle thousands of calls and millions of minutes for clients like these every day, and since you’re likely to recognize one or two of them, hopefully a bit of that trust in our site is passed along to you– even if it’s of the more subtle variety.

We’re often asked– who uses your conference services?

We cant get them all into buckets, but here are some loose groupings:

Agency conference call service

It’s hard to think of someone more in need of a unified brand experience. Today’s advertising, branding and digital marketing agencies all need to sound like they have their own brand in order before a client will trust them with their brand. Agencies like, HoneyBook and BlueCadet trust us for their conference calling needs.

Medical conference calling

Daily rounds between satellite offices, or doctors having regular consultations with specialists with whom they collaborate, these are “medical conferencing” use cases, and we’ve found there are many folks that need just that. A dial in number that can be printed on a label right under the phone in the Triage room to get on a “stat” bridge call. Companies like Valley Surgical and DialysisPPO trust us for their medical conferencing needs.

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trusted conference call service