International Conference Call Service

Toll-Free International Conference Call Services

Give your customers toll-free access to your international conference calls from most anywhere in the world with Branded Bridge Line’s International Conference Call Service. Provide your customers with local access phone numbers in the country they’re calling from. Our international conference call service can tie many different phone numbers together to access a single conference call. This feature is unique to Branded Bridge Line and allows you and your customers to conduct global business without incurring international dialing charges. The best part is that phone numbers in most countries are included in each of our plans at no additional charge!

How does it work?

Suppose you needed two dedicated conference lines for your business. One is going to be used for internal company calls in the United States and the other is going to be used to meet with international clients on a regular basis, including participants in the United Kingdom and Australia. Since you wouldn’t want your customers to have to incur international toll calls, you would want to take advantage of our ability to tie international lines together into a single conference. In this example, your plan would have four Branded Bridge Line dedicated phone numbers, one for each geographic area your participants are calling from. Two numbers would be in the United States. One of the US numbers would accommodate the internal company calls. The other US number would be used for the recurring international calls with clients. The third phone number would be in the United Kingdom and the fourth number would be in Australia. We would configure your lines so that the US number being used for international clients has the UK and Australia numbers tied into it. When your international clients call in, they dial their local number and meet you in the conference call.
Internal BridgeClient Bridge
555-555-1111 555-555-2222(US)
  +44 5554443333(UK)
  +61 555444444(Australia)
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