Benefits of Toll-Free Conference Call Services

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benefits of toll-free conference calling

Toll-free numbers are popular for customer service and main phone number lines for large, national businesses. Originally introduced in the 1950s and 1960s in the U.S., toll-free numbers were designed to eliminate the burden of long-distance fees for businesses that operate nationally. But over the past 20 to 25 years, toll-free numbers have exploded in popularity.  

Though most people don’t have to worry about paying long-distance and out-of-area-code fees anymore thanks to mobile phone plans, there are still many benefits of toll-free conference calling.  

In this post we’ll take a look at seven benefits of toll-free conference calling to help you decide if including toll-free conferencing in your phone conference plan is the right move for your business.


1. Create Your Own Custom Phone Numbers

Custom phone numbers, sometimes referred to as vanity phone numbers, are still a popular marketing tool for businesses both big and small.  

One of the benefits of toll-free conference calling is that you can choose a number that is highly recognizable and even include it in your business’s marketing materials or a catchy jingle.  

Some national companies make their toll-free number the name of their business, encouraging people to remember their contact information whenever they think of the company’s name.  

Take the charitable organization Kars4Kids as an example. They use their recognizable toll-free number (1-877-Kars-4-Kids) in their name and in all of their marketing and fundraising efforts.  

The company benefits from increased name recognition simply by embracing an easily recognizable, custom toll-free phone number. 


2. Establish Authority for Your Business 

When toll-free numbers were first introduced, only large, well-established businesses could afford them. Because of how costly they were, you had to be doing extremely well to have one. So, if you were calling into a toll-free line, you knew you were calling a trusted business. 

While the popularity of cell phones has essentially done away with long-distance fees (which were originally the reason why toll-free numbers existed), the status that accompanies toll-free numbers remains. That feeling of calling into a well-established, trusted operation is still present with toll-free numbers today. 

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benefits of toll-free conference calling

3. Domestic Calls Can Dial-In Without Incurring Long-Distance Fees 

What’s the difference between a toll and toll-free conference call dial-in number? 

Even though most people now primarily use their cell phones for all their phone calls, many businesses still utilize landline phones within their offices.  

This means that if you have a toll conference dial-in number (i.e. not an 800, 877, etc. number), anyone calling into your conference from their office phone still must pay long-distance rates just to participate in the call.  

With a toll-free dial-in number, you ensure that you reap the benefits of toll-free conference calling because all domestic callers can dial-in without incurring any additional long-distance fees. 

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benefits of toll-free conference calling


4. Toll-Free Conference Lines Are Still Free for U.S. Callers 

When it comes to the benefits of toll-free conference calling, one major one remains: all calls placed to a toll-free number are still free for U.S. callers.  

You can host a conference call that brings together participants from anywhere in the United States, and in some cases Canada, that is completely free for the participants.  

Though there is an associated cost that the conference host ends up paying, if you are hosting a large call, it can be worth it so make sure that more people are able to dial in and avoid fees.  

With Branded Bridge Line, you can opt into a dedicated toll-free plan or add a toll-free number to any existing plan. The latter option, adding on a line to host a one-time toll-free conference call bridge, is perfect for periodic or infrequent large meetings or when hosting a large-scale training.  


5. It’s Easy to Combine with Local Area Codes to Achieve International Toll-Free Conference Calling 

True toll-free numbers (1-800, 888, 877, etc.) only really work in the U.S. They were originally developed in the states, and while other countries have sort of followed suit, U.S. toll-free numbers are not free for international callers. 

With Branded Bridge Line, it’s easy to combine the benefits of toll-free conference calling with local numbers to achieve an international toll-free conference call.  

We have access to local area codes in more than 80 countries around the world. If you know you’ll have call participants from Berlin and Tokyo joining your toll-free conference line, you can add local Berlin and Tokyo dial-in numbers for those participants.  

That way, it’s free for all U.S. participants who can take advantage of the toll-free number in addition to being a free local call for your international callers. 

Utilizing our advanced VoIP calling network, we are able to combine all of the calls onto a single line for a seamless, high-fidelity, secure conference call.  


6. Calling is Free for Existing and Prospective Clients 

The benefits of toll-free conference calling aren’t all based on how easy it is to put the call together. All calls placed into the toll-free conference line will be free for call participants.  

This is an excellent way to make a good impression with potential clients, as they won’t have to pay any fees for joining an introductory call.  

Plus, as you grow and need to continue to impress your existing clients, adding a toll-free conference number to your next meeting invitation will make you look and feel great. That extra confidence boost can go a long way in helping you retain your most valuable clients.  


7. Screen Sharing Abilities  

Modern toll-free conference calling has come a long way. What used to be just a regular phone call with a lot of people on it has turned into a high-tech endeavor that utilizes advanced networks, high-fidelity audio processing, and advanced caller management.  

Additionally, one of the benefits of toll-free conference calling with Branded Bridge Line is the ability to include screen sharing with any toll-free conference call. So you get to retain all of the benefits previously covered with the inclusion of easier information distribution thanks to screen sharing.  


Learn More About Toll-Free Conferencing at Branded Bridge Line 

If you aren’t working with a company like Branded Bridge Line, you’re missing out on the myriad benefits of toll-free conference calling for your business. We offer a variety of different toll-free conferencing plans, as well as the option to add a toll-free line to any plan whenever you might need it.  

We make getting your very own toll-free conference line easy and affordable, no matter what your specific conferencing needs are. Take a look at the rest of our conferencing features to see how Branded Bridge Line can take your conferencing to the next level.

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