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How Conference Calling is an Extension of Your Brand

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business credibility

Whether your company is just starting out or you’re well-established in your industry, you probably already know that business credibility is the most valuable currency you can have. Establishing strong credibility can help you find the best employees and land the biggest clients. It’s vital for you to maintain and expand your business’ credibility at every possible opportunity. 

So, what are some easy ways of establishing credibility in business? Well, these might not be easy, but here are some tips to help you identify what sets your business apart in terms of credibility and how you can leverage your brand to promote and reiterate at every opportunity. 

How to Establish Business Credibility

There are a few basics to ensuring your employees, colleagues, and clients see your business as trustworthy and credible. Though there are many ways to establish credibility in business, here are a few of the finer points to get you started.  

Accountability. One of the biggest ways to establish your business as credible is to make sure you’re accountable for your decisions and actions. It is often difficult to own up to mistakes, but doing so is a sign of confidence and will let others know you value transparency over ego. Another difficult, but important, part of being accountable in business is owning up to not always knowing the answer. If you aren’t sure about something, the best way to maintain accountability and establish credibility is by saying so. 

Consistency. Perhaps the most vital pillar of business credibility is consistency. You need to ensure that everyone who comes into contact with your business knows you’ll be where you say you’re going to be and that you’re available when you say you’re going to be available. Deliver projects on time and make sure the quality and caliber of your work stays consistent.  

Quick Responses. One fairly easy way to start establishing business credibility is to respond quickly to messages and inquiries. This goes hand in hand with being reliable. It might seem a little basic, but you’d be surprised at how many people overlook this simple step to maintaining business credibility. And the reasoning is simple – people are more likely to keep reaching out to you if they know you’re going to respond and respond quickly.  

Honesty. This comes as no surprise, but always being honest is probably the most foundational pillar to establishing and maintaining business credibility. People need to know that they’re going to get the truth when they interact with you and your business. Be honest about meeting deadlines and be honest about needing help when you need it.  

Respect. Always be respectful. In business, as in life, you should always be respectful of people and their feelings. Ideally you’re being respectful out of habit and because you know that the best way to earn respect for yourself is to give it to others. If that isn’t enough of a reason though, you should at least be respectful because you never know where someone will end up. You could encounter someone at a low level who ultimately moves up the ladder and becomes an important client, or even your boss.  

While there are many ways to build and maintain business credibility, the pillars listed here are just a few broad guidelines to help get you started. And even though we covered them here as they relate to others, it’s important to remember that you should adhere to these pillars as they relate to yourself as well. For example, in the same way that it’s important to respect others, you must also respect yourself if you want to maintain business credibility that lasts.

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business credibility

Expand Business Credibility Through Branding 

It’s important to keep the above pillars and tips in mind as you interact with people as a representative of your business. Try to live and breathe honesty, respect, accountability, etc at every point of communication. Additionally, though, you can ensure your business credibility is thorough and consistent by expanding these same pillars out through your branding. 

There are obviously the traditional branding opportunities: 

  • Traditional advertising 
  • Digital media
  • Social media

But it’s important to keep in mind that some branding opportunities appear in surprising places. One unexpected place for building business credibility through branding is on your conference calls. Did you know that you can create custom-branded messaging for all of your phone conferencing?  

Branded Bridge Line specializes in helping you emphasize your brand’s ideals and maintain business credibility through fully customizable greetings and messages for your conference calling. Don’t let another minute of hold music that could be spent on branding go to waste ever again.  

Branded Bridge Line lets you take advantage of an almost completely untapped branding opportunity. With Branded Bridge Line’s exclusive conference branding, you can re-emphasize your company’s established business credibility pillars at every touchpoint with interviews and client calls. It might seem subtle, but small touches like a branded, well-recorded and produced conference greeting is the kind of thing that can influence whether or not a potential client decides to sign.  

In addition to being useful for interviews and client calls, having custom branded messaging can also come in handy for calls with satellite offices and internal reviews. Any branding expert will tell you that you should use every single opportunity available to you to extend and expand your brand.

Branded Conferencing Made Easy

Our professional audio branding services make it easy to promote business credibility, quality and experience. In addition to exclusive conference call branding services, we offer a full set of conferencing features that can take your conference calls to the next level.  

When it comes to custom-branded-conference greetings and messages, we have a staff of professional voice actors on hand who can help you bring your brand to life. Work with us directly to create a custom sound and audio experience that matches your brand and business ideals perfectly.  

Let our voice actors and professional phone conferencing services help you establish and expand your business credibility.