What Are Conference Call Transcripts & How Do they Work?

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A young woman asking the question what are conference call transcripts

We’re all busy—and from emails to in-person meetings to conference calls, it can be difficult for busy professionals to remember every important detail from their day-to-day.

That’s why it’s vital for business professionals to have an efficient and easy way to review and search important conversations.

One of the reasons emails are such an important business communication tool is that they’re completely searchable. If you remember having an exchange with someone about a certain topic but don’t remember the details, it’s easy to go back to your email and search different keywords until you find what you’re looking for.

As we dive into the world of conference call transcriptions, we’ll look at the conference call transcript meaning and purpose, and how they can help make meetings as useful and easy to review as emails.

We’ll also look at what separates a bad conference call transcript from a good one.


What are Conference Call Transcripts?

A transcript is a written or printed version of material originally presented in another medium. Conference call transcripts, in particular, are the written version of a conference call recording.

One of the most common instances where transcripts are used is a courtroom. In this case, a professional transcriber sits in the courtroom during a trial and uses shorthand to transcribe, in real time, everything that is being said during the trial proceedings.

But you don’t have to know special shorthand in order to transcribe a conversation or even a conference call. Today, with the help of digital recording technology, it’s easier to transcribe a recording after the meeting is over.

If there’s anything you miss while listening to a conference call recording, simply hit rewind, and re-listen to the segment.

If you’re wondering what conference call transcripts are, they are simply a transcript of a conversation that happened via conference call. Here is a list of examples of different kinds of conference calls that might require a transcript:

  1. Earnings calls
  2. Quarterly meetings
  3. Investor updates
  4. Any call with a board of investors
  5. Project progress updates
  6. Business development calls

Conference call transcripts are especially helpful because they make reviewing a call significantly easier. Since conference calls can be long and cover a ton of information, attempting to rely on just your memory and notes can be a recipe for disaster.


Conference Call Transcripts vs. Recordings

The next best option is referring to a conference call recording, like the free conference call recordings offered by Branded Bridge Line.

But, depending on the kind of meeting, recordings can be tedious as you have to remember important details like when a specific topic was discussed during the call.

Conference call recordings are only partially helpful when it comes to reviewing a conference call because of how frustrating it can be to have to fast forward, rewind, and re-listen to entire sections of the call.

Luckily, since a transcription is text based, they are completely searchable. If you remember one or two key words, you can open your conference call transcription and quickly search for every time those words were mentioned on the call.

Conference call transcriptions are the easiest way to quickly and efficiently find exactly what you are looking for in a call that already happened. So, what are conference call transcriptions? Effectively, they are the easiest way to review and recall details from important conference calls!

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A young woman asking the question what are conference call transcripts

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A young woman asking the question what are conference call transcripts

How Do Conference Call Transcriptions Work?

There are a few different ways that conference call transcriptions work, and it’s important to note that they are not all created equal.

The most common way that conference call transcriptions work nowadays is by ordering them from your conference call provider.

Almost every conference call provider offers some kind of transcription service, so in addition to asking, “What are conference call transcriptions?” you also need to ask, “Who is my conference call provider?” and, “How do they create their conference call transcriptions?”

The most common way that budget conference call providers create transcriptions is by utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI). With this method, a conference call recording is fed through a computer program which then uses speech-to-text technology to recognize words and transcribe them.

But, as anyone who’s ever used a speech-to-text program before can attest to, this software can be unreliable and is often littered with mistakes.

If anyone on the call doesn’t speak loudly and clearly enough, or simply doesn’t have a good connection, their section of an AI transcript might be totally incomprehensible.

At Branded Bridge Line, we offer the benefit of only providing transcriptions created by real people. Our team of professional transcribers listen to calls and transcribe every moment word-for-word, identifying each speaker. This ensures that you’re left with a transcription that is accurate and legible. Also, knowing who spoke each line provides vital context for the conversation.

In fact, getting real people to transcribe your conference calls is the only way to ensure that your transcript will be searchable. Since AI can misinterpret words or miss them entirely, AI-transcripts can sometimes end up being useless.


Take Your Conference Calls to the Next Level

Conference calls are a useful part of doing business and having a good, reliable conference call transcript to accompany a conference call only serves to make them even more beneficial.

If you’re looking to take your conferencing to the next level, find out how Branded Bridge Line’s conference call transcription service can help you get even more out of your conference calls.

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