Fast and Accurate Conference Call Transcriptions

At Branded Bridge Line accuracy and clarity are the key tenets of our call transcription service.  

Each of our conference call plans include free call recording for every conference call–but sometimes a recording isn’t enough. Effective meetings require an accurate conference call recording as well as call transcription. 

Each conference call transcription from Branded Bridge Line comes with a fast turnaround time (requests are typically fulfilled within 48 hours) and 99% accuracy guaranteed. Every call is transcribed by a real person, so you can always count on an accurate transcription. Our transcribers are professionally trained and will even identify when the speaker changes within ach conference call transcription.

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How We Make Conference Call Recording and Transcriptions Better

Enabling conference call recording and requesting a transcription is easy with Branded Bridge Line. Before requesting a conference transcription, simply make sure that the Call Recording feature is turned on for your account. While conference call recording is included with all of our conference call plans, it’s not turned on by default.  

Turning on the Call Recording feature is easy: 

  • Locate the phone line (by number) for which you’ll need a conference call recording and transcription 
  • Click on the Line Settings for that number 
  • Scroll to Other Settings 
  • Check the box for Call Recordings 
  • Save your changes 


With call recording enabled, it’s easy to request your call transcription. Once you’ve ended the conference call you need transcribed: 

  • Navigate to your Call Records in the dashboard
  • Locate the call you need transcribed 
  • Click the Transcribe icon


It’s that simple. Once requested, your conference call transcription will arrive via email as a searchable PDF within 48 hours.

We guarantee 99% accuracy on all conference call transcriptions.

Transcriptions by Real People

We believe in accuracy. That’s why each conference call transcription we provide is completed by a real person. For certain key meetings and conference calls, it’s vital to have an accurate call transcription to preserve items like:

  • Business commitments.
  • System requirements.
  • Reporting data.
  • Predicted trends.  

With Branded Bridge Line, you can count on an accurate transcription every time. Plus, at only $1.90 per minute, our conference call transcription services are affordable in addition to guaranteeing 99% accuracy.

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Quick Conference Call Recording and Transcription Turnaround

Your call recordings are available immediately, and the transcriptions aren’t far behind. While most transcriptions are fulfilled within 48 hours of request, we understand that a faster turnaround is sometimes necessary. In addition to our standard conference call transcription service, we also offer an expedited transcription option with a 24-hour turnaround window. 
Standard transcription delivery arrives via email as a searchable PDF. However, if you require your conference call transcription as a Word document, .rtf, .txt or other filetype, we are more than happy to accommodate your needs. Simply contact our support team through your account dashboard for expedited transcriptions and custom file format requests.
Say goodbye to the frustration of inaccurate and delayed conference call transcriptions, and try our service for free today.

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Conference Call Transcription FAQ

First turn on call recordings
  1. Locate the phone line (by number) for which you’ll need a conference call recording and transcription 
  2. Click on the Line Settings for that number 
  3. Scroll to Other Settings 
  4. Check the box for Call Recordings
  5. Save your changes 
After the call is completed
  1. Log in to your account and go to Call Records
  2. Under the “Actions” column next to the call you want transcribed, click the order transcription icon (paper and pen icon)

Once the request is sent, it take about 48 hours to transcribe and fulfill.  You will receive an email with a .pdf attached that not only transcribes the call with 99% accuracy but also identifies the speakers on the call.  Other formats such as .docx can be requested as well.

Yes, if you’d like the transcription in 24 hours or less, just reach out to our support staff via chat or by calling 888-774-6990 to request expedited transcription.  Additional fees my be associated with expedited requests.

We guarantee a 99% accuracy for all transcription services. If possible, our transcription professionals also identify speakers on the call making the transcription easier to follow.

If for any reason this is not the case, please reach out to our support where we can further service you.