A Dedicated Conference Line for Your Business

Never share a conference line again.

Every Branded Bridge Line conference calling plan includes at least one dedicated conference call line. A dedicated line is unique to you and comes with a phone number that belongs to your business, and your business alone.

Gone are the days of scrambling through email chains and text messages to find the right conference call bridge number. With Branded Bridge Line, you simply choose a plan with the right number of lines for your business, and save those dedicated phone numbers to your address book for fast and easy conference dial-ins.

Branded Bridge Line makes it easy to take your conference calls to the next level with a dedicated conference line at no additional cost.  Just one of the many advantages for virtual teams around the world.

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Whose brand is featured on your conference calls?

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Set Up Your Dedicated Conference Call Line with Ease

Branded Bridge Line makes setting up dedicated conference bridge lines easier than ever. We’ve streamlined the process by removing unnecessary and complicated steps that are common with other conference call providers.

Once you’ve signed up for one of our conference set up your dedicated conference call line by:

  • Choosing your unique phone number
  • Selecting a customizable and professional greeting
  • Dialing the phone number you selected to join your own dedicated line


By taking the leg work out of conferencing setup and simplifying the dial-in process with dedicated lines and phone numbers, you and your business can focus on your actual work – while we take care of your conference calls.


A dedicated conference line for your business card


Phone Numbers from More than 80 Different Countries

Every dedicated conference line from Branded Bridge Line comes with a custom phone number, allowing you to choose your desired area and/or country code. We offer phone numbers from every area code in the United States and more than 80 different countries around the world.  

Having the right area code is vital to maintaining brand location identity, and can even serve to impress potential clients. We have access to some of the most desirable area codes in the United States (yes, even a coveted 212 number).  

Plus, if you do business internationally, we offer local phone numbers for more than 80 countries so global partners can seamlessly join your dedicated conference call line without incurring any international tolls.

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PIN-Free Dial-ins for Hassle Free Conference Bridge Lines

The most common cause for delay to the start of a conference call bridge is the time everyone spends struggling to enter an access code. We discovered there’s actually a simple solution to that age-old problem: PIN-free dial-ins.

With a dedicated conference call line from Branded Bridge Line, we’ve removed the need for an access code entirely. Your conference line is always there waiting for you – so you never need a PIN to join. Save your dedicated number to your address book, press dial, and join the call—it’s that simple. With PIN-free dialing, conference calls couldn’t be easier for you and your clients.  

If you have a need for an access code, you can always add one in your Line Settings. PIN-free dedicated conference lines are secure, but if you’d like an added layer of security you can add a PIN. It’s your dedicated line after all!

To get started with your own, pinless, dedicated conference call line, sign up for a free trial today.

See What a Dedicated Line Can Do for Your Business

With a unique phone number, your brand is more professional and callers are happier. It’s a win-win. Start your free trial today. No credit card required.

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Dedicated Conference Call Lines FAQs

It’s a phone number that is totally yours – which could mean your company, your department, or even your group of friends. The number is not anyone else’s. It’s not shared in any way.

In the old days of faux “dedicated lines” the phone number itself wasn’t unique to any one customer. Conference providers got away with calling them “dedicated lines” by providing unique PINs to each account.

At Branded Bridge Line we believe that every one of our customers deserves an actual dedicated line; an entire phone number that is uniquely theirs.

This is what everyone gets as a customer of Branded Bridge Line. Some customers even print their conference line on their business cards. It’s truly a part of your brand—in your own area code, representing your actual location.

Each Branded Bridge Line plan comes with one or more dedicated lines.  If you would like to add additional lines to your plan, each additional line costs $10/line/month.  If you add 5 or more lines to your plan, each additional line costs $5/line/month.

No.  You can keep the same dedicated conference call line for as long as you have your account with Branded Bridge Line.

  1. Dedicated conference call lines allow you to go PIN-less.  Shared lines  provided by other companies require long PINs to access your meeting.
  2. You can brand your conference call line with your customized branded greeting or branded marketing message.
  3. Dedicated conference call numbers are easier to remember for you and your callers who attend recurring meetings.
  4. You can print your conference call number on your business cards!

In the old days (i.e. 2012) a conference provider could say they offered “dedicated lines” and it would be half-way true. They would provide a dial-in number with some random area code and a unique PIN. When you dialed this number and entered your PIN, you had your “dedicated line.”

But it was a stretch to say that the combination of a phone number shared by hundreds of companies combined with a unique PIN was by any means a “dedicated line.” But, since no one was offering anything better, at that time you were getting the “most dedicated line on the market.” Times have changed!

A quick search for “dedicated conference lines” will help answer this question. At the time of writing top results include ConferenceCalling.com, Intercall, Instant conference and Freeconferencecall.com. A review of these sites indicate that they only offer “dedicated lines” in the outdated sense of the term.These other conference providers are still assigning shared numbers to their customers and using unique PINs to achieve a pseudo “dedicated line.”

It’s likely that these providers aren’t trying to deliberately mislead their potential customers. It’s more likely that the entire market was different 5-10 years ago, and conference providers couldn’t easily assign out totally-yours-and-no-one-else’s conference lines.

But the game has changed. You might say we’ve raised the bar.