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Best Conference Call Service for a startup!

Custom greeting, Custom hold music, custom EVERYTHING!

Our conference call service is optimized to accentuate your brands values and your core identity. And it's cheaper than the others, so you get all of that branding for no additional cost!
  • Dedicated conference line for you
  • Pinless conference call entry
  • Professional voiceovers
  • Local numbers, almost everywhere
  • Customizable music on hold
  • Advanced call control dashboard
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free 30 day trial!
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$14.99/mo for 500 mins
then 2.9¢ per min
With our branded audio conference line service, it's a breeze to get down to business. No more fumbling with pins and endless prompts. Show your clients that you respect their time.
If it sounds shabby, or worse yet, free, then that is how your brand image will be perceived.
This great branding must cost a lot of money right? No, we're cheaper than 90% of the conference line services out there

Professional voiceover

For even more brand ambience, we include professional voiceovers for your company name and announcement. What other conference call service offers this? None!

Take control of your conference calls

Once you experience moderating a call with Branded Bridge Line, you'll never look at web conferening in the same way... Looking for the best conference call services? Look no further.

Priced Right

Branded Bridge Line provides the same level of conference call service used by fortune 500 companies but is priced for entrepreneurs. Check out our Pricing for more details.