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A Conference Call That’s Effective?

(suggestions that no one else has the guts to make)

As much as we hate to admit it, conference calls are a part of our daily business lives.  Whether they are with clients, remote teams or weekly staff meetings, we’re often faced with the challenge of making our calls efficient, engaging and effective. Keeping everyone engaged and focused can be challenging in any meeting, but conference calls bring their own unique set of challenges.  The temptations of multitasking can be enticing and productivity can wane quickly.
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What difference does an area code make for conference call services?

Subtle brand psychology and simple logic say “lots”

While it may not be that obvious to everyone, it makes a big difference– area codes are important. Some reasons to have local numbers:
  • People who live in your metro area, or even in your state, feel in immediate kinship with you.  This can vary from just feeling a subtle “we’re in the same geographic community” to something even more intimate, where you share not just the area code with someone but you have a common prefix, indicating that you likely live in the same neighborhood.
  • When there is a sense of having common ground, like living in the same community, there is at least a slightly higher assumed level of trust.  Whether or not this is warranted, it’s human nature.  We tend to trust those with whom we have connections
  • As a business providing global services,  the area code is often the give-away that you’re a local company.  It can make the customer feel like you’re just down the road in many cases.
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Now offering Lecture / Teleseminar muting features

Branded Bridge Line is proud to announce the arrival of “auto-mute”, enabling a moderator to indicate that all participants should by default be muted when they arrive. This is a feature that has been requested more and more recently. We’ve noticed ourselves that when there are more than about 12 participants on a conference call, it becomes difficult to control background noise unless you have a muting policy in place. This feature will work for you even in a corporate setting to keep the noise under control. Read More