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Large Calls Are A Small Feat For Branded Bridge Line’s Conference Calling

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Whether you’re conducting a company-wide meeting or presenting to 1000+ callers, when you are broadcasting conference calls for large meetings it’s vital that you choose a reliable conference solution. 

The last thing you want when you’re broadcasting conference calls to a huge number of people is to experience technical difficulties. It’s hard enough to schedule a time that works for larger conference calls – imagine having to reschedule a meeting that large because you skimped on phone conferencing software? 

Branded Bridge Line has years of experience providing business conference call solutions for meetings with anywhere from 100, 500, to even tens of thousands of participants. We can help you prepare for a large group call in addition to reliably bringing an unlimited number of callers together onto a single conference.

A Checklist for Broadcasting Conference Calls 

Agenda. Before you start broadcasting conference calls for big meetings, it’s vital to prepare an agenda. Make sure the agenda is detailed and provides breakdowns for which topics the call will cover, who’s responsible for leading each section of the call, and a timeline to keep the call on track. 

If several people will be leading the call, make sure to send them the agenda at least a week in advance so they have ample time to prepare their sections. This will also leave room for any inevitable adjustments to the agenda, making sure everyone presenting is on the same page before you start broadcasting conference calls for large meetings. 

Caller Identification. Branded Bridge Line offers the ability to assign unique PINs to individuals or groups of callers. This allows you to see exactly who joined the conference during and even after the call is over.  

Call Reporting. We also provide detailed call reporting at the end of a large conference call. Each report will show the names, phone numbers, and time spent on the conference for each caller.  

Lecture Mode and Participant Registration. For especially large calls, you can choose to enable Branded Bridge Line’s Lecture Mode, which automatically ensures the moderators who dial in have their mics open and mutes all other participants. We can also provide a unique portal for participant registration which will assign each caller a unique PIN. It will also allow you to capture important information about each participant like their email address, name, phone number, and company name.  

Call details. A lot of people still struggle with conference call joining details, so make sure that when you’re broadcasting conference calls for large meetings you send out call details with clear instructions.  

The larger the phone conference, the more chances people have of dialing in late. Branded Bridge Line’s PIN-less dial-in feature is a great way to mitigate stragglers on a large conference call. With this feature, you don’t need to use any PINs or access codes. Simply dial the number for the dedicated line, and you’re on the call.  

Make sure you include call details with the original meeting invite in addition to sending out a reminder 5-10 minutes before the call starts. When broadcasting conference calls to large groups, there’s a good chance that some people will lose track of the invite or get distracted by other obligations. A simple email reminder (that includes the call details) ahead of the conference is the kind of professional touch that will ensure your large conference call is a success.  

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broadcasting conference calls

Starting Conference Calls with Large Groups. No matter how big or small a conference call, there are bound to be stragglers. The most important thing about latecomers when you’re broadcasting conference calls is how you handle those latecomers.  

If you have several different people leading various parts of a group conference call, make sure to leave ample space on the agenda for introductions. Each key player on the conference should get an introduction so everyone else on the call knows who is speaking along the way. Keep introductions to the point though. The important details are name, title, department, and office location if you have different offices. 

When you start broadcasting conference calls for large groups, only give stragglers a few minutes to join late. If you sit around and wait for everyone to join before starting the call, you might not ever be able to actually begin the meeting. Plus, giving latecomers too much time to join after the scheduled start time, it can encourage tardiness on subsequent calls.  

Build in five minutes or so in the agenda for latecomers and fill that time with non-vital updates and/or small talk. After the five minutes are up, begin the call even if not everyone has joined.  

Screen Sharing Prep. If you are planning to include a screen sharing session when broadcasting conference calls for a large meeting, make sure you appropriately prepare the presentation and your computer. 

Check all your equipment before starting the call – i.e. if you’re screen sharing from a laptop, ensure that you have the charging cable with you and your battery is fully charged. Double check your desktop and close all other open apps and folders to make sure there are no distractions during the screen sharing session.  

Branded Bridge Line offers an easy to use screen sharing feature with each of our conferencing plans. Every call comes with a unique screen sharing link. Include this link in the meeting invite and screen sharing is just a click away for every single participant. Once you start broadcasting conference calls with screen sharing, make sure to check in with everyone on the call so you know if anyone is having trouble viewing the screen sharing session in their browsers.  

Mid-Call Adjustments. Branded Bridge Line also offers state-of-the-art call management features, which can really come in handy when you’re broadcasting conference calls to a large group.  

We’ve all been on a conference call where one person forgets to put their phone on mute and ruins the call for everyone else. You don’t have to worry about that with Branded Bridge Line. After logging in to our advanced conference call management interface, you can manually mute callers. 

Here are some other features you can manage from within the interface: 

  • Monitor who’s on the call 
  • Lock the call 
  • Create private conversation groups within the call 
  • Access call recordings 
  • And more! 

The interface is designed with you, the user, in mind so it won’t take long to get acquainted with all of its features. Carve out a few minutes in advance of a scheduled call and familiarize yourself with the interface. It’s built to make broadcasting conference calls that much easier.  

Q&A Tools. Branded Bridge Line also offers specific Q&A tools which help facilitate an efficient and effective question and answer section at the end of a large conference call.  

  • Raise Hand: participants can press *7 to raise their hand and the call moderators will see a hand icon appear next to the caller’s name in the dashboard 
  • Filtering: Our advanced filtering allows you to filter participants to easily see which callers their hands have raised at any point during the call 
  • Unmute: Moderators have the option to unmute callers who raise their hand from the call management dashboard, or participants can press *6 to manually unmute themselves 

Unlimited Callers? No Problem 

Large conference calls are not a problem with Branded Bridge Line. With the ability to scale to accommodate tens of thousands of callers, it’s time to stop paying for additional callers and features that you won’t use. Switch to better conference calling with unlimited callers and the best phone conferencing features in market.  

Health and Safety Concerns

From time-to-time, global conditions affect travel, large gatherings and face-to-face meetings. These conditions don’t come often, but when the do, there can be significant economical impact to businesses.

Eliminating or avoiding large gatherings can be detrimental to businesses and their employees.. Branded Bridge Line helps businesses prepare for these events providing robust conference calling for remote teams and large gatherings.

While we don’t enjoy these disruptions, we feel at Branded Bridge Line that it is our obligation to help prepare corporations to whether these events with the collaboration tools necessary to maintain effective business continutity.