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Better Call Management with Smart Conference Call Controls

Enjoy ultimate control over your conference call with Branded Bridge Line’s advanced Conference Call Management interface. We provide call management features that other conference call bridge service providers can’t—all while making it easier than ever to access the tools you need when you need them.

We put you in control because an efficient conference call service means more time to work and less time on the phone!

Take Control of Your Conference Calls

Want more control over your conference calls? Now you can. Our integrated conference call service can:

  • Monitor who’s on your call
  • Lock your call
  • Create private conversations within a call
  • Mute any sounds causing problems
  • Access call recordings
  • Delete call history and more

It’s easy to get more done with an intelligent conference call management system from Branded Bridge Line.

A Single Dashboard for All Conference Call Controls

Log into Branded Bridge Line and you get immediate access to a powerful dashboard that shows you everything happening in your system.  Your dashboard gives you the tools you need to ensure your call runs smoothly. Conference call services have come a long way!

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Quickly access all of the conference lines associated with your account. You can see each conference call in progress, which lines are active, who’s on the call and how long the call is running. 

While a call is active, you can manage certain aspects of the call:

  • Call Lock: Allows you to lock the call so others don’t mistakenly join you call. This is useful if your call runs long and another call is scheduled for the same line.
  • Caller Mute: Mutes the audio for a selected participant. This is useful if a caller has background noise that is disrupting the call
  • Caller Deaf: Causes the selected participant to no longer hear what’s being said on the call. This is useful to conduct sidebar conversations with certain callers
  • Caller Boot: Allows you to remove a selected participant from the call. This is useful for removing unwanted callers
  • Caller Nudge: Gets the attention of a selected participant by sending them a quiet tone. This is useful for bringing the multi-tasker back into the meeting

Manage Your Conference Call On the Go

Need to join a conference call on the go? No problem. Branded Bridge Line provides a rich set of in-call controls that allow you to manage your conference call from your phone without having to log in to our call management interface.  This is great when you’re on the road and not in front of a computer.  You have access to many of the same advanced call management features available in your conference call system dashboard.

Our conference call system was designed with the busy traveler in mind. When you’re on your mobile device and need access to some of the advanced call management features available in your dashboard, use the following commands:

Round Up: Outbound Conference Call

Have you ever had a conference call in progress, but you’re left waiting for an important participant to join the call? Don’t you wish you could just call them directly from the conference line?

Another powerful feature of the Branded Bridge Line dashboard is our outbound conference call capability. Our advanced conference call controls let you add people to the call by dialing their phone from your conference call dashboard. Simply enter the phone number of a participant you want to add and our system will call them. When they answer, a brief announcement will be played telling them they are about to join the conference call and then the participant will be joined into your call. This is great for when people forget about your meeting or for adding someone who you didn’t think you needed but discovered during the call would be valuable for the conversation.

Access to Even More Conference Call Line Configurations

Logging into your Branded Bridge Line conference call management dashboard also gives you access to an array of settings that let you customize your conference line.

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You can customize your conference greeting by requesting a free, professionally recorded greeting or uploading one that you’ve recorded. You can customize your hold music by selecting from a library we provide or upload your own unique sound. You can also set up moderator and attendee pins for added security and turn on call recordings for an audio recording of your call. We want to give you the controls to make your conference line your own.

Conference Call Recordings

Have you ever tried to remember when a conference call happened, who was on it or even how much time you spent on it for time reporting? Your Branded Bridge Line conference call management dashboard will give you access to all of that information as well as an audio recording of your call if you choose to turn on call recordings. This information can be invaluable to your business. The next time you need to remember something about a call, log on, search your call history and get the answers.

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Your Call. Your Controls.

Lead more efficient conference calls with tools that put you in control. Run better meetings. Grow your business. Start your free trial today. No credit card required.

Branded Conference Call Services

Conference Call Control FAQ

Participating in a Branded Bridge Line call is simple.  Just dial the conference call line phone number or click the join from browser link. 

The join from browser link can be found on your dashboard after logging into your account.  Next to each number there is a menu (triple ellipsis).  On that menu is an item called “Webmeeting join link“.  Clicking that will copy the join from browser link to your clipboard so you can paste it into a meeting invitation.

To start a conference call just dial the conference call line phone number.  The first person to join will hear music.  Once the second person dials in, the meeting will begin. 

To stop the meeting simply hang up.  Once all participants have hung up, the meeting has ended.  If people forget to hang up, you can boot them from the call by logging onto your dashboard and clicking boot next to their name or phone number.

Branded Bridge Line offers a wide variety of features not offered by other providers.  For example:

  • Outbound calling for adding people who forgot to dial in for the meeting

  • Free branded greetings.  Most providers use their own branding in your greeting.

  • Large call support.  Our plans can support thousands of callers

  • Call lock for keeping unwanted callers from joining a highly sensitive meeting

  • Programmatic PINs allow you to provide each attendee a unique PIN so you can identify each person who attended your

To see your call in progress, simply log into your Branded Bridge Line account and go the dashboard. 

The dashboard view will show you every caller who joined the call and when they joined.  You have the ability to mute callers, deafen callers (so you can have a private sidebar without them hearing), nudge people (play a tone to a specific caller not paying attention) and boot callers from the call. 

To mute a caller or mute yourself, log into your Branded Bridge Line account and go to the dashboard.  You can click mute next to any active caller. 

Callers also have the option of pressing *6 to mute themselves and then *6 again to unmute themselves.

All of the same conference call controls available for domestic calls are also available on international calls.  The one exception is that our outbound calling feature, or the ability to add someone to the conference call by dialing them directly from the Branded Bridge Line dashboard, is only available to a limited number of countries.

To change the timezone for your Branded Bridge Line dashboard and call controls, log into your Branded Bridge Line account and select “General Options” from the left hand side of the screen.  There you can change the “Home Timezone” selection to be your local timezone.