Workforce Health in 2020

The Corona Virus and the "office"

Many of you may be experiencing work and travel challenges as companies react to growing global health concerns. If you or your employer are opting to reduce business travel or work from home in the coming weeks, we want to share a few benefits to using Branded Bridge Line to stay connected and use conference calling for remote teams.

Work From Anywhere

Branded Bridge Line gives you the ability to meet with colleagues and clients all over the world without leaving your home or work office.  

  • Get a dedicated line for as little as $19.99/month.  
  • Starting a meeting on your conference line is as easy as dialing the telephone number.  
  • No PINs required!
  • Leverage Screen Sharing for collaboration

Access From Your Computer

If you prefer to join your call from your computer, just click on a link dedicated to your conference number and enjoy HD Audio quality.

Branded Bridge Line is committed to providing reliable conference calling for remote teams and tools to keep you connected from anywhere. We look forward to helping your company and team stay productive and safe.

health and safety for remote teams
Advice for working healthy

Covid-19 (aka Corona Virus) is a reality we have to contend with, but one we can manage within the work environment

collaboration tools

Remote Collaboration Tools

No need to fly blind while meeting remotely.  Branded Bridge Line offers two tools to facilitate collaboration within a distributed team and convey important information with visual elements to a large audience.

Screen Sharing

Often times collaborating with visuals while working with a remote team on a conference call  is essential.  Branded Bridge Line provides a robust screen sharing tool that allows users to share their screen with meeting attendees at no additional charge.   Any meeting attendee can present their screen or view a presenter’s screen.

When seasonal illness is a concern, sharing screens is always better than sharing space.

Presentation Mode

Other times you need to gather a large audience to convey important information such as an earnings call, an investor update call or a state of the company address.  Visual elements enhance the messaging for the listeners.

Branded Bridge Line offers a tool that allows a presenter to share a presentation to thousands of viewers while delivering their audio message in a large scale audio call.  Meeting attendees can follow along with the presentation while listening to crystal clear audio.

A healthy workforce is a productive one


Large Gatherings Done Remotely

During times of infectious disease outbreaks like the COVID-19 virus, city and state governments as well as local and national health agencies such as the CDC ask people to avoid large gatherings.

However, large gatherings such as industry conferences and symposiums can be essential to businesses for networking and education.  So how do you continue vital conversation and the networking benefit gained in these types of large gatherings without physically gathering?

large gathering

Many conference  calling services can provide conference calling for remote teams  of 15 to 30 callers, but few provide the capacity, scalability, reliabilty and tools to manage large groups of callers.  Branded Bridge Line can scale to meet the needs of your large conference call, regardless of the number of callers or length of the call.

Branded Bridge Line’s scalable infrastructure can grow to meet your needs, creating an experience for callers that feels like you are in the same room with the speaker.  We also provide a powerful presentation tool that allows speakers to share visuals with their audience regardless of the audience size. 

healthy workforce

Maintaining Health and Safety in the Workplace

The bottomline is a distributed work environment can keep your staff safe and healthy.  With the right tools, there are many benefits of virtual teams

  • Reduced Overhead
  • Better Work/Life balance for Employees 
  • Better Employee Retention
  • Increased Productivity
  • Access to a Global Workforce 
  • Immune to the Impacts of Disruptive Events such as Viruses

Conferencing Tools for Remote Work

Keep your business running with audio conferencing designed for all companies, large and small. Enjoy PINless entry, dedicated lines, and a full suite of free features. Start your free trial. No credit card required.

Branded Conference Call Services

Remote Teams FAQs

Branded Bridge Line can scale to support thousands of callers.  Just call (888) 774-6990 or setup time to chat with us so we can provide you a custom quote.  

It’s simple, all plans allow you to put your line in “Lecture Mode”.  Lecture mode means that callers who dial in with the moderator code can speak but those who don’t enter the moderator code will be automatically muted.

If you would like to conduct a question and answer session, callers can press *7 on their telephone keypad to raise their hand.  The moderator can unmute the caller from the Branded Bridge Line dashboard so they can ask their question.

Yes, for an additional fee, we can provide a professional operator to make introductions and announcements during the call as well as manage the Q&A period.

Once you choose the plan that fits your company’s needs, just log onto your dashboard at and click “Add a number”.  

The user interface will walk you through setting up a new number on your account which only takes a minute or two.  You can do this for as many numbers as you need.  Depending on your plan, additional charges may apply.