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Now offering Lecture / Teleseminar muting features

Branded Bridge Line is proud to announce the arrival of “auto-mute”, enabling a moderator to indicate that all participants should by default be muted when they arrive. This is a feature that has been requested more and more recently. We’ve noticed ourselves that when there are more than about 12 participants on a conference call, it becomes difficult to control background noise unless you have a muting policy in place. This feature will work for you even in a corporate setting to keep the noise under control.This configuration is perfectly suited for teleseminars or other situations where one speaker has the floor at a time. And, the meeting can easily transition into a Q&A format by simply asking callers who have a question or would like to speak to “unmute themselves” by pressing *6.This feature is available right away. Send us a note on chat or open a support ticket if you’d like us to set it up for your conference line.