Conference Calling Glossary – C

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Call Answer Greeting – This is a configuration setting for setting the professional greeting that is played when a caller joins a call. All callers hear the same greeting when they join the call.

Call Dashboard – A user interface where each conference line can be monitored and each conference call in progress can be managed.

Call Lock – A setting in the Call Dashboard for locking a conference call so no other callers can join.

Call Management UI – A user interface that provides access to the Call Dashboard and other utilities for monitoring, managing and configuring conference lines.

Call Recordings – Audio recordings of conference calls. Call recordings can be turned on in line settings and accessed in call records.

Call Records – Records of past conference calls, indicating the phone number of each caller, the time they joined and the time they left the call.

Conference Bridge – Another term used for conference line, audio conference, bridge line or teleconference. All terms are used interchangeably.

Conference Call – A meeting conducted by telephone or computer with 2 or more participants.

Conference Line – Another term used for bridge line, audio conference, conference bridge or teleconference. All terms are used interchangeably.