High-Quality Web Conference Service

Conference calls should be simple. Whether you don’t have your phone on hand, you’re calling from a different country, or you prefer not to leave your desktop, web conferencing is the solution. At Branded Bridge Line, we offer a 100% browser-based, dial-free web conference service that makes conducting conference calls easier than ever with affordable features and services:

  • Easy-to-use conference call dashboard. Our simple dashboard lets you join a web conference call with the click of a button. Once you’re on, the call takes place entirely within your browser, without the need to dial in from a conference phone so you can stay at your desk. Conference calls are easier and more productive with full access to your work computer, files, and documents.
  • International conference calling. Our browser-based web conferencing is also a perfect solution for those who need international web conference services. Our toll-free web conference call technology helps people all over the world avoid long distance calling fees with the same access to high-quality conference calls.
  • Crystal-clear audio quality. With browser-based web conference services, you’ll never drop a call due to poor cell coverage again. Branded Bridge Line provides clear conference calls directly through your internet connection.
  • Professional phone greetings. Use a professionally recorded custom phone greeting to enhance your brand and make a strong first impression with your clients.
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Whose brand is on your conference calls?

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Clear and Secure Online Conferencing Connections

Security and clarity ensure all of your conference calls are protected and productive.  With Branded Bridge Line, you get secure conference calls every time with dedicated lines used only by your company. With additional options to lock calls and boot unwanted participants, you get a web conferencing service that provides both quality and peace of mind.

In addition to advanced security, you can enjoy call clarity designed for modern businesses. The next generation of conference calling is here. Conference calls conducted over traditional public-switched telephone networks(PSTNs) lack high-quality audio and are often plagued with latency issues.  

Our 100% online web conference service circumvents old-fashioned PSTNs to give you and your company conference calling for the 21st century. Each Branded Bridge Line web conference call features clear, high-fidelity digital audio that also reduces latency. 

Stop wasting time on unsecured conference calls with poor quality. Switch to Branded Bridge Line and get more done with browser-based web conferencing.

Call from anywhere using a telephone or computer!


Provide Affordable International Conferencing with a Toll-Free Web Conference Call

International calling is expensive, right? Not with Branded Bridge Line’s browser-based toll-free web conference services.  

  • Avoid paying hefty international calling fees. No matter where they are in the world, anyone with an internet connection can join your conference call without having to worry about paying international call tolls.
  • Get a unique conference URL to join calls for free. Each Branded Bridge Line web conference call comes with a unique URL for simple, fee-free, one-click call-joining. Using your unique conference URL, international and domestic callers will never pay international calling fees again.
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No-PIN Web Conference Services

The days of fumbling with conference call codes are over. We know you’ve got better things to do at work than dial stupidly long conference numbers and access codes. Our web conference services require no PIN or access code, so joining a call is as simple as clicking a button.  

  • Help participants join conference calls with ease. With pinless calling, participants simply click a link to join the call—no need to send out PINs beforehand
  • Make meetings more productive and efficient. No more time wasted waiting for participants to enter the right meeting PIN at the beginning of the call

In business, wasted time is your worst enemy. Every minute spent on a menial, repetitive task is a minute that could have gone to knocking tasks off your to-do list. 

We’ve taken painstaking care to develop the fastest call-joining process in the industry. With Branded Bridge Line, you can get to your web conference call quicker. It’s time to kiss 10-digit PINs goodbye.

If you’re ready to upgrade the quality and convenience of your conference call experience, give us a try today.

Put Your Brand Front and Center with Branded Phone Conference Services

Start making strong impressions with a custom conference greeting of your own from Branded Bridge Line.

Branded Conference Call Services

Conference Call Service FAQ

A web conference is a meeting held online that allows callers to view presentations and collaborate.  Users can either call in by phone or join from their computer by clicking a URL provided by the meeting organizer.  Once the caller is in the meeting, they can see anything that is presented by the meeting host in their browser window. 

Essentially, any online meeting. This includes traditional conference calls, presentations and training sessions to mention a few.

  1. Log into your account.
  2. In the dashboard either click the “Join from Browser” button to join the call from your computer or click the “Open Screenshare” button to both join the call from your computer and to share your screen

Make sure to include the web conferencing link in your meeting invitation.  You can find this link by clicking the menu next to your conference number in the dashboard (triple ellipsis) and selecting “Webmeeting Join Link”.

The main difference is that a web conference requires internet access and can be executed via your computer. While a web conference is an audio conference that is done online, not all audio conferences are conducted over the web.  Audio conferences typically are conducted from a telephone since there is no visual material to view.