Conference Calling Glossary

a | b | c | d | e | f | g | h | i | j | k | l | m | n | o | p | q | r | s | t | u | v | w | x | y | z DDashboard Only Permissions – Permissions assigned to system users. Users with Dashboard Only permissions can only view the Call Dashboard. They can not modify line settings or other configurations. Deaf or Deafen – A control in the Call Dashboard that suppresses the conference call audio to a specific participant or set of participants so private conversations can take place. Dedicated Lines – Telephone lines that are dedicated to one company and not shared across many companies. Desktop Notifications – Browser notifications that pop up when new callers join a conference line. These are enabled in General Options. Dial-in Number – The telephone number of the dedicated line each participant or caller dials into gain access to a conference call.