Conference Calling Glossary – M

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Minutes Used – An indicator at the top of the Call Dashboard indicating how many plan minutes were used in the current billing period.

Moderator – The caller in charge of managing the conference call. A separate moderator PIN can be set in Line Settings. The caller that enters the correct moderator PIN is considered the moderator. If a Moderator PIN is set, all callers will hear hold music until the moderator joins the call.

Moderator PIN – Number entered by a caller who is considered the moderator of a call. The moderator PIN is set on the Line Settings configuration screen.

MP3 File – A compressed digital audio file. MP3 files are used for the Call Answer Greeting as well as the Hold Music. Users can upload their own or use what’s provided by the service. More information about MP3 files can be found at How MP3 Files Work.

Mute – The ability to suppress a caller’s audio. The caller can mute their own audio or other caller’s audio by logging onto the Call Dashboard and clicking mute next to the caller’s name. Callers can also mute their own audio by pressing *6 on their phone.