Conference Calling Glossary – P

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Participant – An individual who is joins conference call.

Participant Code – This is a code entered by conference participants in order to join a conference call. It is used interchangeably with Attendee Code.

Permissions – Software privileges that provides a system user access to certain aspects of the system. New users can be assigned 3 levels of permissions: Dashboard Only, allowing users to see who has joined a call only; Line Configurations, allowing users to modify line settings; and Full Privileges, allowing users all of the same level of access as the account owner.

Personalized Greeting – A custom Call Answer Greeting that was recorded by professional voice artists and contains the confernce call welcome message.

PIN – A variable-length number that is added to a dedicated line to ensure only authorized participants are permitted to gain entrance. The access number followed by # is entered by the caller after they hear the welcome greeting to enter the conference. PIN is used interchangeably with Access Code.

Plans and Billing Tab in the Call Management UI used to modify the plan subscription or update payment information.

Professional Greeting – This is a configuration setting for setting the call answer greeting that is played when a caller joins a call. All callers hear the same greeting when they join the call.

Professional Plan – A conference calling plan suited for medium corporations that conduct a moderate volume of conference calls and need 2 dedicated lines.