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Free Conference Call Trial

We believe we’ve built a quality, easy to use, secure conference call service that will not only make your conference calls run more efficiently, but will also highlight your brand and add to your professionalism. We’re confident you’ll fall in love with the service so we’re offering a 14-day, no-risk, free trial. You will experience top quality conference calling that is branded just for you with your own professionally recorded call greeting. The conference call free trial provides you with one phone number and up to 500 minutes of conference calling. Once you’re happy with the service, sign up for one of our plans is easy. You can even keep the same phone number!

No Risk

Many free trials require a credit card up front, putting the responsibility on you to make your trial “free” by cancelling in time if you’re not happy with the service. We don’t want to do that. We want you to enjoy your trial and not worry about marking your calendar with one more action item to cancel the service by a certain date. Sign up for the 14 day free trial is easy and never requires a credit card.

Fully Featured

We don’t limit the features made available to you for accessing or managing your conference call on your free trial. You enjoy all of the same features you will when you sign up for a paid plan. Some of the features you’ll enjoy include:

    • Unlimited callers: Have a big call or a small call, no limitations.
    • Dedicated Line: We give you your own phone number in the area code of your choosing, dedicated to your company
    • Professionally-recorded Greeting: We let you choose how you want to brand your company in your greeting and then send it off to our studio of professionals to record it. Here are some sample call greetings.

Listen to Samples

  • Advanced Call Management: We provide you with a user interface that allows you to manage your calls by seeing who’s on, muting callers, temporarily excluding callers from the conversation and even giving a colleague a nudge in case they weren’t listening
  • Great Hold Music: You can select from our library of hold music or upload your own
  • Free Call Recordings: Record your calls for future reference

Set Up in Minutes

Setting up your free trial is fast and simple. Follow these steps and start your first call in minutes:

  1. Click here for your 14 day Free Trial
  2. Enter your name and email address
  3. Select your number in the area code of your choosing
  4. Enter the text you want in your professional greeting
  5. Then share your new phone number and join the call!


More Conference Call Features