Secure Conference Lines

Branded Bridge Line is a secure conference call service that understands your need for privacy. We use only Tier 1 carriers. All communications are encrypted using strong SSL and our website meets the extended validation certificate standard unlike most other conference call providers. The line you get is dedicated only to your company and never shared like other providers. By default call recordings are turned off, you have control over whether the call is recorded or not.

Conference Bridge Lock Features

Add a pin for participants, a pin for the moderator or both.  You can also lock conference calls to prohibit participants looking for another call to stumble into your current call before you’re ready

Keep records private

If you want to keep your call attendance records private, you’ll be interested in our multiple user features (aka sub-users.) This allows for you to add authorized conference bridge administrators who can access your companies bridge lines. You can assign them access to a particular bridge line or multiple numbers, depending on your level of trust or their organizational responsibilities. Sub-users can only view the call records associated with the conference bridge lines. Thus, if you have a marketing administrator who is entitled to view the marketing conference lines, they’ll not be able to see the CEO’s VIP conference line records, nor access the call recordings from that line.
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