audio conference bridge services

Audio Conference Bridge Services

Audio conferencing services from Branded Bridge Line are secure and professional. You can select your dedicated conference lines in just about any area code, domestically or internationally and add a free, professionally recorded branded greeting. We offer numbers in over 80 countries and numbers in every area code in the US, including hard to get ones like the 212 area code. After you sign up, pick your number, brand your line and get down to business.
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Audio Conferencing Services with Area Codes that Matter

Often times your brand can be associated with the location of your business and therefore it’s important for customers to know where your business is located. Entertaining your customers on an audio conference bridge in your area code creates a continuity for them that other audio conference bridge services can’t do when they provided you with a shared a line located in a state and city far from your location. At Branded Bridge Line, we have amassed and inventory of phone numbers that will allow you to pick the right number for your business.

Global Conference Bridge Services

International toll-free audio conference bridges are hard to come by. Often times, toll-free numbers are not accessible outside of the United States. Branded Bridge Line offers numbers in over 80 countries allowing international callers from all over the world to join your audio conference bridge without incurring international fees. Here’s how it works.
  1. Sign up for a plan that includes multiple lines or add an additional line to your existing plan
  2. Pick phone numbers in the countries that your callers will be joining from
  3. Email support and ask that we tie your lines together
We will tie the lines requested together, creating a conference bridge that can be joined from those countries without international toll fees. Your callers simply dial their local number and they will join you on your call.

Audio Conferencing Services with Screen Sharing

Many webcast solutions make audio conferences cumbersome, requiring you to log into an application in your browser. Branded Bridge Line provides simple, reliable audio conferencing first. There’s nothing to log into, nothing to download and you can go PINless for ultimate simplicity. For those occasional meetings when you have visual content you’d like to share, we offer free screen sharing. It’s simple to set up and simple for your callers to access. Improve your meeting efficiency with an enriched webcast experience that’s simple and always optional.

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